The Very First re:publica In Dublin: A Resounding Success!


The founders at the #rpDUB warmup

Our first international event went spectacularly. On 20 October 2016, more than 200 participants from Ireland, Germany and other countries converged on re:publica Dublin. There they attended exciting sessions on three stages and discussed some of the most important topics of the digital society with our 33 speakers.

Our first event outside of Germany reminded us of our very first re:publica in Berlin. There was a lot of room for discussion and great exchanges with the Irish digital community. re:publica is more than an annual event – it's a network and an attitude.

We chose to feature re:publica Dublin in three unique locations: the historic Smock Alley Theatre, the lively Generator Hostel, and the cozy Merchant’s Arch Pub. All locations provided numerous talks and discussion rounds on topics such as surveillance, data protection, hate speech, and FinTech.

re:publica 2017: Love out Loud [LoL]

We'd like to thank all participants and speakers – yesterday was so much fun! Yet it doesn't stop there: re:publica founders Tanja, Johnny, Andreas and Markus used the opportunity in Dublin to present the motto for the next re:publica event in Berlin 2017: Love out Loud – LoL! What does this mean, exactly? The topic of hate speech was a prominent feature at rpTEN. Now it's time to offer a stronger focus on the positives in our community and to highlight projects and individuals, who are engaging with problems in our society in a constructive, open, and tolerant manner. re:publica is the voice of the community which is why we're placing #rp17 under this motto.

We'd also like to take a moment to present our first main partner for #rp17: the Wissenschaftsjahr 2016. “Seas and Oceans” and the connection to digital topics, technologies, and new forms of scientific communication will be a major focus at re:publica 2017. It will feature the “sub:marine” sub-conference, which will enable international exchange of ideas and knowledge and provide a platform to discuss projects and research, with the aim of creating tangible recommendations and requests. Along with renown speakers, November 1 2016 will see the start of our “Call for Participation”, which will also extend into the Wissenschaftsjahr's participating projects. Through installations and practical workshops, the topics and themes of “Seas and Oceans” will be brought closer to the audience. Exciting times are ahead!

Finally, a short facts & figures on re:publica Dublin for all statisticians among you:

200+ participants
3 stages
20 sessions and workshops
20 journalists from Ireland and Germany

33 (18 men, 15 women)
9 from Germany
17 from Ireland
7 from other countries
23 new speakers
Speakers at at previous re:publica event:10
Oldest speaker: internet pioneer Dennis Jennings

Image credit: re:publica/Justin Farrelly (CC BY 2.0)