Call for Volunteers – We're looking for helpers!


Helping hands make re:publica the unique event that it is.

re:publica just wouldn't be the same without its numerous volunteers. Every year, they make sure that our event runs smoothly and retains its unique atmosphere. As for the upcoming re:publica in Dublin on October 20, 2016, we are also looking for enthusiastic supporters to help out at one of our four event venues, for half the day on the evening of October 19, or on October 20 during the day (one 4-hour shift). You will receive a free ticket for the conference in return. As re:publica is taking place in Dublin this time, we are mainly looking for volunteers who are already there or are travelling in at their own expense. Another important point: We are in Ireland, so fluency in English is mandatory. Both requirements apply to you? Then join us for re:publica in Dublin as a volunteer in one of several areas of responsibility.

If you want to help, you first have to register on this page, starting now (unless you have registered for one of our previous events before). From September 5 onwards, you can then select a specific shift within the volunteer system. Our call will be active until September 30, 2016.

The following tasks are available:

  • The # rpDUB accreditation (for participants, speakers, partners and press) is where you will issue tickets, hand out wristbands and programme leaflets, and help journalists arrive at appointments. For working at this booth as well as the info counter, you need to be communicative – this is the central point of the entire re:publica, so you can expect participants to pepper you with all kinds of questions, such as: Where is the next session taking place? Where are the restrooms? And so on.
  • As an admissions volunteer, you will keep track of entries and won't be shy to address guests directly.
  • If you want to take over a shift in the cloakroom, you need to be patient and work well under pressure.
  • As a stage manager, you keep an eye on the situation on stage and make sure that the speakers are well looked after. Both technical knowledge and empathy are required here.

Any other questions? Further support can be found in our FAQs.

Image credit: re:publica/Gregor Fischer (CC BY 2.0)


If you are 18 or above and are keen to support re:publica Dublin then you can register on our sign-up portal and sign up for a shift. Registration opens now.

You can use your existing user account to log in on our website. You can also request a new password if you've forgotten your old one. Click on “New Password” and enter your e-mail address. Please note: depending on your email provider, this process could take a few minutes. Also remember to check your spam filter. We've added several new fields to the user profiles to account for the new Tandem Project. Please double check your user profile and update it.

IMPORTANT: You must register for re:publica Dublin! Go to your user dashboard and select “Please register here” and follow the instructions.

In your event dashboard and in the menu you'll find “My Events” under re:publica Dublin featuring the following:

  • “Work Areas”: Here you'll find descriptions of all the different work areas at re:publica Dublin.
  • “Shifts”: Sign up for your shift here. 

In your user dashboard you'll see:

  • “My Shift”: here you can see what shift you have signed up for (in case you signed up for more than one shift, you can use this area remove yourself from those shifts you won't be able to do)
  • If you have further questions: go to “Contact” in order to reach us.

If you do not already have a user account:

  1. Helper registration will be available starting now.
  2. Now you can start filling out your helper profile. Make sure to fill out all required fields.
  3. Choose a username. Please note: this username will be visible to all registered users. Choose a pseudonym (ex. Anonym42) if you prefer not to use your real name. All other data (age, name, etc.) can only be viewed by our helper management team.
  4. Enter a valid e-mail address.
  5. After submitting you'll be redirected back to our home page and receive an activation link via e-mail. This could take up to 15 minutes. Remember to check your spam filter. Follow the link and create a password.
  6. Go to “User Account” in the menu (black bar at the top of the page): here you can view your information, make changes or change your password.
  7. In your event dashboard and in the menu you'll find “My Events” under re:publica 2016 featuring the following:
  • “Shifts”: sign up for your shift here. (Please sign up for one shift only!)
  • “Work Areas”: here you'll find descriptions of all the different work areas at re:publica Dublin.
  1. In your user dashboard you'll see:
  • “My Shift”: here you can see what shift you have signed up for (in case you signed up for more than one shift, you can use this area remove yourself from those you won't be able to do)
  • If you have further questions: go to “Contact” in order to reach us


After logging in, use the event dashboard or go to re:publica Dublin under “My Events” to find “Work Areas” and “Shifts”.
Please consider carefully when you can be available for your helper shift and thoroughly read through the description for each work area. Found an area you'd like to help in? Know the exact day and time that you'd be available? Please only sign up for one shift!
We have defined the shifts based on their work area, day and time. Simply select the one that's right for you and sign up.

Welcome to the #rpDUB team! We now have your information, including preferred shift and work area. Starting Oktober, we will get in touch with you with more information. We will be working with a large number of helpers so please be patient if we can't respond to you as quickly as we'd like to.

We will supply all important information for re:publica Dublin via e-mail by October. You'll get a detailed briefing on your work area during the big pre-re:publica Helper Briefing or before your shift, so it's important that you're on time on the day!

We will let you know about the date and time of the Helper Briefing in advance. You'll be issued your helper shirt, you can be one of the first to check out the location and you'll get to know our team. You'll also receive exact information on meeting points and work areas.

It's rare that helpers aren't assigned to the working areas of their choice. On the off-chance that the needs for a working area change unexpectedly, we will contact you to discuss any changes to your shift.

For your commitment to the helper team you'll receive free entry to #rpDUB outside of your shift, a re:publica team t-shirt and free catering on the day of your shift.

So far, we have not rejected anyone who has registered as a helper and signed up for a shift. Of course things can always change during the organisation process, such as having to reschedule shifts to fit the event programme or having to scratch a shift completely. However, this happens very infrequently and we strive to find a fitting solution in these rare cases. Probably we will make the helper waiting list available for anyone who hasn't found a suitable shift or who was too late in registering.

After registering you have until September 30 to change your shift. Please don't forget to delete your previous shift entry from your user account. Take some time in advance to think about what shifts you are realistically ready to take on.

Unexpected things can always happen – we get it. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can re-plan and reschedule. Also, please don't forget: Delete your shift entry from your user account!

Helpers are expected to support re:publica for an 8 hour shift. In general: please only register for one shift.
If you really want to take on multiple shifts, you can sign up for more – you'll be scheduled-in and expected to be there.

No, you'll receive free catering on the day of your shift.

There will be a helper desk available for all registered helpers during re:publica. A person from our team will be there to answer your questions. You'll also have the number of our Helper/Volunteer Telephone so you can reach us on the go.

re:publica Dublin takes place at four locations. Find more info and the addresses here.

Event helpers are not insured via re:publica GmbH. You are covered by your own health insurance. In case you aren't living in Ireland but travelling to the event you must get your own travel health insurance.

Any property damages incurred during set-up, tear-down or during the event itself are covered by re:publica GmbH's liability insurance.

Contact us at help at

Sadly we can only work with helpers who are already in Ireland. We can't cover travel and accommodation for you – unless you want to travel to Dublin at your own expenses.