re:publica goes Dublin!


We make a trip to Dublin!

re:publica embarks on a new endeavour! On 20 October 2016 we explore the digital culture and startup landscape with our very own event in Dublin, Ireland.  

#rpDUB, Baby!

We already hinted at it in re:publica TEN’s closing event. re:publica is stretching out on the European continent and is hosting a one-day festival of its own kind in Dublin.

re:publica wants to expand: We want to make our community more international. Our unique platform in Berlin should be known by more people. The topics evolving around net poltics are important to everybody. We worked together with a few companies in Dublin and have already established a small network. Berlin and Dublin have a lot in common. We want to show what this is and what it could be in the future!

Our first re:publica abroad will be notably smaller than the Berlin event. The last re:publica in May 2016 boasted more than 500 hours of contents over three days, offering comprehensive insights into current issues and projects, while there is a more condensed program planned for Dublin. In this way, visitors in Ireland will get an impression of what the digital society means for our community.

re:publica is not only a conference. It is a network and an attitude. Join and get the vibe, and take part in the Call for Participation!

Get your ticket for the re:publica in Dublin conference on 20 October 2016 over here.

Image credit: Fabrizio Sciami (CC BY-SA 2.0)