Matan Berkowitz

Matan Berkowitz

Founder & CEO

Interdisciplinary artist and entrepreneur working in the nexus of art, technology and positive impact.

Matan’s award winning inventions translate movements, brainwaves and heartbeats and movements into music, turn everyday objects into instruments and enable paralyzed, blind, amputated and autistic musicians to express themselves in new ways.

Matan regularly speaks and performs worldwide and has appeared on stages such as TEDx, Google Day and Microsoft Think Next. His interactive art installations have been exhibited in top Israeli museums & galleries .

As the founder of Shift, a company which specializes in positive innovation, Matan works with start­ups, municipalities, hospitals and organizations on forward thinking projects. Shift is now in the proccess of starting its own R&D lab, dedicated to the development and application of emerging technologies for impact.

Recently featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list of most promising young Israelis in science & technology, Matan is also an alumni of The Generational Ambassadors Program (by MIT, Harvard and the Richardson Center) and an ROI Community member.