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What would it be like if Twitter users owned the social platform themselves, or even managed it? The discussion panel on platform cooperatives on the net at re:publica Dublin this Thursday promises to be exciting.


Another highlight at re:publica Dublin this Thursday, hosted in cooperation with our partner, Goethe-Institut Ireland, and the NGO Digital Rights Ireland: “Privacy and Data Protection in the Digital Age” addresses the role of digital technologies in undermining human rights.


The vision of a decentralized web collides with the legal structures of today. But whose problem is that, and who is in charge of creating an interface between these forces? These questions are a pressing matter for #rpDUB speaker Shermin Voshmgir, and a central aspect of her upcoming talk.


What do we do when platforms for radicalization emerge on the Internet? #rpDUB speaker Peter Neumann is on alert. From terrorist recruitment in Europe to prison-based de-radicalization programs, Peter provides an analysis of these fatal processes and most importantly, shares ideas on how to counteract them.


The discourse on digital surveillance and data collection shows the Internet's impact on our everyday life. #rpDUB speaker Rachel O'Dwyer goes further and calls a person's online consumption the electronic reproduction of one's personality.

re:publica 2016

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The digitisation of printed materials is in full swing. But what's happening on the flip-side? Kate Stone offers answers and even some products.


Aric Toler and Bellingcat are utilizing the art of digital forensic journalism to turn publicly available information into insightful and revealing investigative news articles. 


We produly present MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin's speaker Barbara van Schewick who will talk about the topic of net neutrality.


Randall Munroe is a physicist, a walking encyclopedia of natural disasters, knows everything about Velociraptors and can complete a Rubik's Cube in less than a minute.


Sascha Lobo will once again be presenting at the 10th re:publica instalment. What better reason to publish his speaker profile and get re:publica veterans and newcomers acquainted with him.


When it comes to technical accomplishments, it tends to be the newness of an innovation that captures people's attention, not questions of what do we actually use this for. But for Jeff Kowalski, CTO of Autodesk, form does not trump function.


What if if wormholes were discovered tomorrow? What if there were portals which could transport you from one part of the earth to another. Amar Bakshi is making this a reality. 


After founding a record label and a music festival, Ruth Daniel, co-director of In Place of War, supports artists and creative communities in conflict and war zones.


Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden serve as case studies for Geoffroy de Lagasnerie to thinks about new possibilities in political action and to ponder a new democratic state.


leanor Saitta is a self-described barbarian and professional security expert. She looks to understand complex systems, redesign them or let them fail, gently.


We are happy to announce a speaker at MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin: Philosophy professor Luciano Floridi will have a live talk with Edward Snowden.


Sociologist Richard Sennett, one of the greatest thinkers of our time, researches the effects of the dominant economic system on our lives and offers important insights into fleeting spaces, such as the internet. 


While federal judge Thomas Fischer is always looking to engage with other judges, scientists and advocates, he's not one to avoid a heated debate.


What social, ethnic, legal and political questions does the Big Data issue bring with it? The multitalented Kate Crawford provides some answers. 


Journalist Caroline Emcke pushes boundaries. Reporting from war torn countries and crisis regions, she investigates how violence affects people and discusses underlying philosophical problems, through essays and commentaries.


"None of our f***ing business": rp speaker Trevor Paglen artistically documents that, which doesn't officially exist. 


Mark Surman is one of the most well known advocates for a free and open Internet. The head of the Mozilla Foundation will honour #rpTEN with his visit.


We proudly present our first speaker at #rpTEN: Heather Armstrong! We interview the career blogger and online marketing expert.

re:publica 2015

Newsroom #rp15


Saskia Sassen gives us an update on her new book "Expulsions: Brutality and Complexity in the Global Economy" after her much-noticed talk at last years re:publica.

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Pioneer, “internet guru” and network research expert – Peter Kruse passed away on June 1st, at the age of 60.


Alexander Gerst a.k.a. @Astro_Alex has arrived at re:publica 2015. 


If you haven’t done it yet, hurry up and get your #rp15 ticket! Pre-sale ends today, Monday, at High Noon. Later, in the afternoon from 4 pm to 9 pm during pre:publica, ticket holders can pick up their bracelets and badges while having yummy food and drinks.


Stay on the Scene, like a living machine. An architect and engineer by training, Carlo Ratti practices in Italy and teaches at MIT as head of the Senseable City Lab. We proudly present the visionary for a different smart city at #rp15.


When he talks about home, he doesn’t mean his backyard, but Earth itself – no wonder after the 166 days that Alexander Gerst spent in space. He is joining us on stage in May! And robot hero Rosetta will also get a panel of its own.


Aral Balkan is a man with a mission. The designer and social entrepreneur is developing alternatives for Twitter, Facebook & Co., building a better (networked) world. In our interview, he explains what he wants to achieve, and why the idea of Europe is in jeopardy through the privatisation of democracy.


We’re living in troubled times. Grandmaster sociologist Zygmunt Bauman applies his reflections on the control society to modern-day technology. 


Ben McOwen Wilson, Director Content Partnerships and content strategy lead in Europe at YouTube, tells about YouTube’s next strategic endeavours at MEDIA CONVENTION.

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